It’s a piece of cake to walk and live in love and peace when life is throwing love and peace at us, but what’s your capacity for love when you’re being cursed out, when your friends have abandoned you, through anger, hurt and loss? Do you love with the capacity of a Ten-Gallon lover or are you more of a pint-sized type? In the Ten-Gallon Challenge, Dr. Pam takes this compelling analogy, first articulated by Bishop TD Jakes during Oprah’s LifeClass and challenges readers to take an honest look at their lives to determine whether they are Ten Galloners or Pint Size lovers. As a Ten Galloner, do you overextend yourself to win the love of pint sized lovers? As a pint sized lover, do you find it difficult to open up to give and receive the love that people try to give you?

At the heart of this message, Dr. Pamela imparts age old wisdom to show Ten Galloners and Pint Sized lovers how to live out what it really means to love: through the virtues of patience, kindness, integrity, determination, patience, hopefulness, trust, and perseverance. But the Ten Gallon Challenge also challenges us to purge those vices that reflect what love is not: jealousy, arrogance, boastfulness, a bad attitude, selfishness, and anger. It is by embracing love’s virtues and eliminating those vices that we are abto find true peace and love. As we move closer to accomplishing this, we move closer to becoming Ten Galloners who love in a healthy and fulfilling manner.

Book Status: First draft of all chapters are written. In writing and revising phase.

Book SynopsisThe Ten Gallon Challenge is a no non-sense guide to what it truly means to live a life of love, even in the face of ugliness – when all we want to do is just kick somebody’s behind. Living in love means that no one, no matter what they say or do, can steal our joy. No one can take us off track. No one can force us to lose our cool. Not so long as we maintain a ten-gallon capacity to love.

The Ten Gallon Challenge
It's Your Life. Love it!