Two women. A cross roads. Two paths. One leads to renewed life, strength, and joy. The other leads to a repeat of the pain, disappointments and fear of the past. Which direction will they choose? We all reach a point in our lives where we find ourselves standing at a crossroads. We find ourselves standing in the dark, unsure of which direction we ought to take next. Perhaps a relationship has just ended, or a job was lost, or maybe a great opportunity has been offered, but taking it would require some serious sacrifices. Which direction should be taken? How do we know? What if we make the wrong move? How do we get back on track?

In the opening of this series, Dr. Pamela presents us with two parables: the story of one woman who chooses to dance, and that of another woman who returns to what is familiar to her. The rest of the book dissects these parables to uncover life lessons and practical applications for our own moments of darkness. The ability to dance in the dark does not come naturally to most of us. But after some understanding of the importance and benefits of dancing, the embarrassment and fear of two left feet can become a thing of the past!

Book Status: Book One released December 2, 2014

Book Synopsis: The Dancing in the Dark series teaches us how to follow the Spirit from the crossroads of darkness and uncertainty to the sheer ecstasy of living our life’s purpose.
Dancing in the Dark
It's Your Life. Love it!