Take a quick glance over your shoulder. Odds are, at least one of those women standing behind you has been brokenhearted for years – raising kids, running businesses, even playing the field – all with the burden of the past still hanging on her shoulders. Or is that woman you? We ladies hide it well because we believe we have to. Whether our hearts were broken recently or years ago, many of us struggle with trust, new relationships, and how we see ourselves.

​​We don't have to live brokenhearted anymore. We can embrace lives that enable us to fully trust, fully love and fully live. Letters to the Brokenhearted speaks passionately to the woman in need of a strategy to finally heal, stay strong, and take her life to the next level by:
  • Refocusing on the strengths in her life
  • Rebuilding what has been damaged, and
  • Reloving with a new purpose
Status:Released February 15, 2013

Synopsis: Letters to the Brokenhearted is an essential handbook of woman-to-woman advice about how to refocus, rebuild, and relove after the relationship is over.
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​“…comforting, kind, and useful advice… in this enjoyable self-help book those messages are conveyed with a loving spirit.”

– Publishers Weekly

"There is wisdom on every page of this book... Wonderful book."​​

– Writer's Digest​​

​​​"Letters to the Brokenhearted is a powerful read... With steps on how to do
​self-evaluations, friend evaluations, and life evaluations, Letters to the Brokenhearted is guaranteed to leave its readers empowered with a plan to move beyond who hurt them.
​This will be a keepsake in my library
​for years to come."

- Tera Carissa Hodges, author of UnApologetically Anointed

​​"I LOVE this book. I've laughed, reminisced, cried... any woman, any age, any relationship status can see themselves in this book. It's a good, relaxing, empowering, yet emotionally demanding book... It's like SMACK, get it together!"

- Kelsey Hicks, educator

"I can't help but wonder where this book was when I was going through my heartbreak.
​This book is long overdue."

- Ester Garcia, professional

"While sharing her hardest moments, Pamela's confidence and sincerity help provide hope companionship, courage, confidence, and a plan to get out of an unhealthy relationship... what a transformative process. It is empowering, inspiring, and good for the soul!"

- Katie Meyer, teacher​​

"​I'm actually going through the concepts of refocus, rebuild, & relove right now. In reading the letters from the author, it has given me greater insight on how to take steps in my own life to get back on the right track."

-Denise Johnson, paralegal​​

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2013 Beach Book Festival Winner
2013 USA Best Book Award
It's Your Life. Love it!
Letters to the Brokenhearted
Guest Book

​​​Name: James Jackson
​Added: Mon, 20th May, 2013

​Phenomenal book Dr. Pam! Letters to The Broken Hearted actually helped me through a rough patch....THANK YOU!!....

​Name: Pat Quezaire
Added: Wed, 24th April, 2013

​Congrats Pam, I am so proud of your accomplishments. Very Good Book and looking forward to the next...


Name: A'Nette Knox-Talley
​Added: Tue, 26th February, 2013

Pam, I am so proud of you!! I am looking provided to reading your book. Congratulations on a wonderful achievement. Hugs, A'Nette....


Name: Cashuna Marshall
​Added: Tue, 26th February, 2013

Great job Pam! Enjoyed the book.....