Workshops, Presentations & Trainings:

Topics are never set in stone. All can and have been modified to meet the needs of the particular group. It is also encouraged to work with Dr. Pamela to develop a session from the ground up with a topic of your choosing. Here is a list of those that have already been done:

I’m a Strong Mom!
Topics: Single moms workshop - goal setting/life improvement
Type: 2-hour workshop Target Audience: Teenage girls (pregnant or with kids)

It’s My Life and I Love It!
Topics: Self-esteem, college aspirations, relationships
Type: 1 day conference
Target Audience: Teenage and young adult women

Inspired to be the First
Topics: Needs and characteristics of first-generation students
Type: 1-2 hour presentation
Target Audience: Educators, scholars, parents and students

Success Strategies for First-Generation Doctoral Students
Topics: How to successfully navigate through a doctoral program
Type: 4-hour workshop
Target Audience: First-generation and underrepresented doctoral students

10 Ways to Make it to College(click here for full list of pre-college workshops)

Topics: How to motivate and prepare a child for college, what parents need to know, how to best position oneself for success, returning to college as an adult
Type: Workshops ranging from 2-8 hours (also one-on-one consulting)
Target Audience: Parents, educators and prospective students

Our Duty as Educators: Dignity and Service for All Students
Topics: Cultural competence, human dignity, social justice
Type: 4-8 hour workshop/training
Target Audience: Educators

It’s Your Life, Live It!
Topics: Leadership development, life purpose
Type: Workshops ranging from 2-8 hours
Target Audience: High school and college students

Civil Rights Pilgrimage
Topics: Civil rights, social justice, human dignity, integrity, leadership
Type: 4-day excursion
Target Audience: College students

Empowerment Through Reintegration
Topics: Trauma, recognizing when to seek help, restoring hope, compassion fatigue, family unity
Type: 8 hour workshop
Target Audience: Family members and caregivers of returning service members

WILD (Women in Leadership and Diversity)
Topics: Personal leadership development, women’s empowerment, life purpose
Type: 2-day workshop (two 8-hour sessions)
Target Audience: Female high school and college students

Empowered Writer Workshops
Topics: A variety of fiction, non-fiction, or research writing workshops
Type: Varies, but usually 2-hour workshop
Target Audience: Ages 16 & up, depending on topic

The Ten-Gallon Challenge: Loving Big in a Pint Sized World
Topics: Moral leadership, life purpose, human dignity, interpersonal relations
Type: 2 hour workshop
Target Audience: College students, young adults

Build Your Wings and Fly: Healing for the Brokenhearted
Topics: Refocusing, rebuilding, and reloving after the difficult ending of a relationship
Type: 2-hr Discussion circle or workshop
Target Audience: Women and men who have experienced the ending of a long-term relationship

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