​Empowering Insight 

Be an advocate for your own peace and joy. If you have to protest, boycott, lobby or speak out, do it! Your happiness and peace of mind is your responsibility.

Have an empowering day!

Dr. Pamela


My Life Philosophy

How do you find it within yourself to say, "It's my life, and I love it", and actually mean it? You master what it means to live your life in love. You come to a place where you fully and authentically honor God, embrace yourself, and treat others with dignity and respect. My work as a writer and speaker explores what it truly means to live in love. When we have mastered love for God, self, and others, we begin living in the realm of our purpose. 

​​Loving God is rooted in the understanding that we are not on this earth for our own glory, but to be positively productive - to bring about positive change and experiences for those around us. We walk in protection and guidance every day, and loving God embodies our gratefulness for this protection and guidance.

I also want my readers to learn to love themselves and to believe in the best about themselves. My heart's desire is that people rediscover love, harness the strength that already exists within, and embody the purpose designed for their lives. Those who have mastered self-love resist putting themselves down and avoid situations that compromise their dignity and personal safety.

And finally, I want my readers to love others - all others (even those folks who aren't quite so easy to love). This requires the same energy and effort as is needed to love oneself: to believe in the best about others, to resist putting people down, and to be willing to assist when another's dignity or personal safety has been compromised.

As a writer, I am driven to inspire readers to strive to this level of living so that each of us can take ownership of our lives and exude love with every breath and every step that we take. What an awesome world this would be!

​Rediscover love. Harness your strength. Embody your purpose.

It's Your Life. Love it!